Cybersecurity actions for 2022

Millions of cyberattacks will take place across the UK in 2022 and many thousands of businesses will be seriously damaged. Businesses which avoid damage will be those that have taken proactive steps to protect themselves. To help you join this group of secure businesses we have outlined a plan below that we hope will help.

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6 cybersecurity resolutions for your business

Never should it have been clearer that you need to allocate budgets and resources to mitigate known risks. Cybercrime is one of those risks. David Fleming, Chief Technology Officer at Mitigo gives his 6 top cybersecurity resolutions for 2021.

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Cybersecurity in a year of crisis

This article explains how the emergence of new and disturbingly effective methods of attack during the last 12 months means that cyber risk controls in place last year may no longer be secure. This is a must read for business leaders and anyone responsible for security and business resilience.

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